Vision and Values

 ‘Therefore encourage one another, and build each other up.’ 
(Thessalonians 5:1)

At St Cecilia’s our vision is to be a school community where we celebrate everyone’s gifts, and where everyone has a chance to flourish and grow together.

The Bible reminds us that every person is blessed with different gifts and so has something valuable to contribute to others.  We encourage each other to use our gifts for the good of others and to build up our school as a whole.  Each member of the School community has their own song to sing. Bringing those songs together makes our school the special place it is.  

At St Cecilia’s our school values emphasise the way we celebrate each person who is part of our school community: children, parents, staff as well as the wider community to which we belong. 


The school has six Christian Values and these are:



PerseveranceWe keep on trying, even when that takes lots of effort and we learn from our mistakes.  We work hard – as individuals and together – to become the people we were made to be. 

ForgivenessIn any community, things sometimes go wrong.  At St Cecilia’s, we work to forgive each other, remembering that our relationships and community are bigger than any single mistake. 

GratitudeWe are thankful for each other, for our gifts and talents, and the good things we have which we can share with others.

KindnessWe appreciate one another which means being kind, and serving those around us, so that the whole community is built up in love.

Truthfulness – We learn together about telling the truth, and doing that in ways which are loving and kind. We are truthful to ourselves as well as each other. 

Wisdom – We learn to apply the knowledge we gain through lessons and wider opportunities to make good decisions and to use our gifts and skills well. 


Education at St Cecilia’s Church of England Primary will be built on a firm foundation of Christian values with an expectation of high academic standards and pastoral care for all. In partnership with parents, it is our ambition that all children will be independent, resilient and have a strong sense of moral responsibility ready to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our pupils will leave St Cecilia’s Church of England Primary ready for secondary school with a thirst for seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Our pupils will gain high aspirations and the self confidence that they can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life, contributing positively to the community.

Creative arts 

We nurture academic habits and skills, personal development and creativity across the whole range of subject disciplines, including music, drama and the arts. St Cecilia is the patron saint of music and musicians.  We see all of the creative arts as important ways for children and the whole school community to discover more of who they are and who they are growing into.