Vision and Values

 ‘Therefore encourage one another, and build each other up.’ 
(Thessalonians 5:11)


At St Cecilia’s, our vision is to be a community where we celebrate everyone’s gifts and where everyone flourishes and grows together


We encourage each other to use our gifts for the good of others and to build up our school as a whole. We have high expectations of academic success and strong pastoral care for all in our community.


We nurture academic habits and skills, personal development and creativity across the whole range of subject disciplines, including music, drama and the arts. St Cecilia is the patron saint of music and musicians.  We see all of the creative arts as important ways for children and the whole school community to discover more of who they are and who they are growing into.


At St Cecilia’s our school values emphasise the way we celebrate each person who is part of our school community: children, parents, staff as well as the wider community to which we belong. 


The school has six Christian Values and these are:



Perseverance We always keep on trying, even when that takes a lot of effort and courage. We work hard – as individuals and together – to become the people we were made to be.  


ForgivenessWe work to forgive each other, remembering that our relationships and community are bigger than any single mistake. 


GratitudeWe are thankful for each other, for our gifts and talents, and the good things we have which we can share with others.


KindnessWe appreciate one another which means respecting and serving those around us, so that the whole community is built up in love


Truthfulness – We learn together about honesty, doing that in ways which are loving and kind. We are honest with ourselves as well as each other


Wisdom – We use our knowledge and past experiences to make good choices and to help us use our gifts and skills well, to celebrate each other and to flourish together.