Vision and Values

 ‘Therefore encourage one another, and build each other up.’ 

At St Cecilia’s our vision is to be a school community where we celebrate everyone’s gifts, and where everyone has a chance to flourish and grow together.

The Bible reminds us that every person is blessed with different gifts and so has something valuable to contribute to others.  We encourage each other to use our gifts for the good of others and to build up our school as a whole.  Each member of the School community has their own song to sing. Bringing those songs together makes our school the special place it is.  

At St Cecilia’s our school values emphasise the way we celebrate each person who is part of our school community: children, parents, staff as well as the wider community to which we belong. 


The school has six Christian Values and these are:



Education at St Cecilia’s Church of England Primary will be built on a firm foundation of Christian values with an expectation of high academic standards and pastoral care for all. In partnership with parents, it is our ambition that all children will be independent, resilient and have a strong sense of moral responsibility ready to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our pupils will leave St Cecilia’s Church of England Primary ready for secondary school with a thirst for seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Our pupils will gain high aspirations and the self confidence that they can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life, contributing positively to the community.

Our vision for academic excellence will be realised through the recruitment of high calibre staff who share our commitment to providing an education within The Keys that can unlock the future for all our pupils by inspiring them to learn and enabling them to develop a deep body of knowledge. This will enable our pupils to understand the world around them and make informed observations and connections. Curriculum design and coherence will facilitate our vision of academic excellence.  Staff and pupils at St Cecilia’s will receive support not only from our Central team, but also from Senior Leaders across The Keys, including our Director of Learning, all of whom have a proven track record in school improvement.

As a school within The Keys Academy Trust:

  • St Cecilia’s CE Primary School will belong to a community of schools which aim to provide an excellent education, distinctive ethos and inclusive approach to those of the Christian faith, other faiths and no faith;
  • St Cecilia’s CE Primary School will serve its pupils, parents and local community by providing the highest levels of academic excellence and pastoral care, ever mindful of the knowledge and understanding that underpin pupils’ future life chances;
  • St Cecilia’s CE Primary School will become a centre of excellence at the heart of this new community where we match the ambitions for the 21st century learning and skills – offering a knowledge-led curriculum focusing on subject specific domains and ensuring there is a rich technology offering;
  • St Cecilia’s CE Primary School will teach a knowledge-led curriculum within national guidelines designed to inspire pupils to learn, and gain an experience of “life in all its fullness”.  There will be a supportive culture of high expectations and St Cecilia’s CE Primary School will seek to develop emotional resilience and a love of learning so that the pupils will thrive intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally culturally and spiritually and understand how to stay safe;

Leaders at St Cecilia’s CE Primary School will be expected to maintain The Keys Academy Trust’s principles:

  • To work towards our schools being centres of excellence with a focus on the nurture and high achievement of all pupils.
  • To fulfil the particular vocation of Church of England schools to provide for the local community, including the disadvantaged and vulnerable, to enable them through education to change their lives.
  • To promote structured mutual support and encouragement which is of benefit to those who work and learn in our schools.
  • To identify and develop future leaders who will commit to using the best and latest research in child development, cognitive science and pedagogy in order to drive forward school effectiveness.
  • To promote an educational community rooted in the Christian values of gratitude, kindness, truthfulness, forgiveness, wisdom and perseverance so we can lead our pupils to become independent, responsible, resilient, self-motivated and caring members of society.