When children join St Cecilia’s, it is important to us that they settle in quickly so that they are happy, comfortable and ready to learn. To support this, we will have the following transition procedures:

·        Completion of online information forms by parents​

·        The school will contact all Nurseries and Pre-schools and visit your child at these settings​

·        The school will schedule family visits to St Cecilia’s in July prior to starting to meet your class teacher and see the setting ​

·        The school will plan transition visits for your child to come to the school for a morning and an afternoon session​​

School Day

The school gates will open at 8.35am with the school opening hours being 8:45am -3:15pm. Registration will begin at 8.50am.

As your child comes in to school, they will need to do the following things:

-      Hang coats and bags on their allocated peg

-      Put water bottles in the class box

-      Sit on the carpet ready for registration and lunch ordering

Lunch time will be at 12.00pm – 1.00pm. During this time, the children will be supported by the Reception and lunchtime staff to ensure that hands are washed and if assistance is needed while eating, it is available.

At 3.00pm children will get ready to be collected at 3.15pm. The children will be dismissed and handed over from the Reception playground gate by the class teacher. Children who are attending after school club will be escorted by a member of staff.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) covers children from the age of 0-5. The EYFS in our school consists of Nursery and Reception. The curriculum covers the following areas:

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development
- Physical Development
- Communication and Language
- Literacy
- Mathematics
- Understanding the World
- Expressive Arts and Design

The curriculum will be planned and taught through a balance of adult-directed activities (which we will call Carpet Time) and child-initiated activities, where the children plan and carry out their own ideas (which we will call Explore Time). The pupils in Reception take part in adult-directed activities a number of times a day. These activities allow the class teachers to cover all the areas of the curriculum with all pupils. The children will be able to plan and carry out their own choice of activities during Explore Time.

The adult-directed activities are planned to cover the curriculum and to will be built on the children’s interests. Each week we will have a theme and plan activities around this. These themes could include: Dinosaurs, Castles, Under the Sea, The South Pole, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks.

Child-initiated play is a crucial part of the Foundation Stage curriculum. In their play, children use the experiences they have and extend them to build up ideas, concepts and skills. While playing children can try out ideas, solve problems, be creative, communicate with others, take risks, and use trial and error to find things out. In Reception, our adults play an important role in each child’s play by providing opportunities for play and encouraging the children’s own ideas, observing what the children do and planning for the next steps in their learning, engaging in their play and supporting and challenging their thinking.